Medical Device Prototyping

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Medical industry has long been one of the most important drivers for science and technology. Billions of dollars are spent on research and development in medicine and medical technology every year, and the return is not only profit for some but the continued improvement of quality of life across the globe. It’s no wonder then that of all the forms of additive manufacturing, medical device prototyping is the one that seems to be taking bold and exciting strides to realize the technology’s full potential. Read More

Affordable, Dependable Medical Device Prototyping

As a company that has worked with the medical community for the past decade, we have been privileged to have played a huge part in the development of medical prototyping. Over the years, we help to create a great range of medical instruments and devices, many of which have gone on to save countless lives and improve the health and well-being of patients around the world. As the technology continues to improve, we continue to invest in the best technology, the best-trained staff, and the most affordable facilities so that 3D printed or digitally designed medical device products can become the new norm for hospitals and healthcare providers around the world.

Why Choose RP Group Medical Device Prototype Manufacturers?

Ever since our founding in 2012, we’ve been driven to be the best quality plastic medical device manufacturers and generate components in the shortest time possible. As the years have progressed, our small operation of only two employees has expanded to more than 130, including native English-speaking project managers and expert engineers who work on a 24-hour shift schedule to meet all our customer’s requirements. This drive has worked well for us, and we are proud to have served over 11,000 customers and averaged around 6000 prototypes and 300 molds a year!

We recognize how vast the requirements of the medical field are. That’s why it has been of the greatest importance for us to offer adaptability as well as quality. Whatever your healthcare needs, whatever equipment you may acquire, we’re ready to offer you the very best quality for the best possible price. Some of the benefits of our service include:

  • Project management. Our native English-speaking project managers have a great wealth of experience when it comes to high-level technical requirements. We recognize that a project is only as good as the communication which informs it, so you can expect us to look at as much detail as possible, so we can be sure we get it right the first time!
  • Diverse set processes. We know that not every medical instrument or component can be made in exactly the same way as others. That’s why we offer 3D printing, CNC machining, urethane casting, and low volume sheet-metal creation as well.
  • High-quality duplication. We’re very pleased to have been given an ISO 9001 certification for the consistency of operations and our ability to prevent defects in our products.

Other various services we offer include:

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Whether you’re looking for a 3D printed plastic component for a medical instrument or a hygienic plastic device for use in a healthcare situation, we are simply one of the best medical device prototyping companies for the job. We are happy to print single objects or vast quantities, and it’s all available to you at the click of a button. Send us your 3D files, quantity requirements, plus any other requirements you have, like materials needed or processes required, and we can get started on your designs in no time at all! Get in contact with us today! Read Less

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3D Printing

Great for 1 off prototypes for the purpose of proving your design. There are some limitations with material selection although high detail and complexity can be acheived with the quickest lead time.

CNC Machining

CNC machining uses real production representative material rather than simulant material used by alternate prototyping methods. High precision and repeatability can be achieved with fast lead times.

Vacuum Casting

Vacuum Casting using silicone molds are perfect for short run production and is a lower cost method of producing higher prototype volumes. In-molded textures and colors, over-molding of rubber simulants. RoHS certified materials.

Sheet Metal

RP has the ability to produce prototype and low volume stamped parts with very fast lead times. The blanks are usually produced via CNC or laser cutting to reduce the lead time.

Injection Molding

When the correct grade of plastic or a low volume build is required, prototype injection molding is ideal. We can produce a low-cost mold in as fast as 4 days!

Functional Prototyping

We are able to produce fully functional working electronic prototypes. Contact us about your project.

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Process Suitability Vs Price

Process 1 to 10 parts 10 to 100 parts 100 to 10k parts
SLA Good poor poor
SLS Good Poor Poor
CNC Excellent Good Fair
Vacuum Casting Good Good Poor
Injection Molding Poor Good Excellent
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Check out our portfolioof past projects

Cross bow arrow – Vacuum cast and CNC machined
Aluminium and ABS housing – CNC machined
Bottle prototype – CNC machined
Bottle prototype – CNC machined
Truck parts – CNC machined
Truck parts – CNC machined
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Our factories run 24 hours, 6 days per week (7 days when needed). Schedule a meeting today in your time zone.

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Free DFM

Don’t wait until you are ready to start production to find out your design cannot be manufactured. Problems can be identified early in the product development process with RP’s DFM (Design for Manufacture) analysis. This can not only save time it will also save money.

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