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          • 1. 3D files: We accept most common file formats although the best format to send to us is either STEP or IGES format. Please compress the files before sending. If larger than 10 MB please contact us to set up an online folder for you.
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          • 4. Materials and preferred process: If you are not sure what material and process to choose please contact us for advice
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RP Prototype Limited
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    RP Plastic Limited
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    Telephone : +852 5808 7799
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          General Questions

          At RP we take our customer’s confidentiality very seriously. In striving to protect our customer’s designs, we achieved our ISO 27001 and 9001 certification in October, 2013. Furthermore, RP is the ONLY rapid prototyping factory in China with the ISO 27001 certification. The ISO 27001 is a system for information/data management which enables security and traceability of data within our company.

          If it is practical to do so, we will replace any parts that you are not 100% satisfied with. However, if it is not practical to do so, then we will provide you with a credit of a negotiated sum. It is important to note that regarding plastic injection, it is expected that the T1 (first trial of tooling) samples are never completely satisfactory. T1 samples rarely carry the final finish or texture as the customer often finds the need to modify the design and change tooling.

          RP currently accept payments via bank to bank wire transfer, credit card and PayPal.

          Our standard terms are Delivered Duty Unpaid (DDU) for samples only. This means that we assume all freight charges and liability to the named place in the country of importation. From there, the customer is responsible for the importing tax or duty of the goods at the importing country

          Our standard terms are Ex Works (EXW) for rapid prototyping and regular production orders. This means that once we make the goods ready for pickup, all other transportation costs and risks are assumed by the customer once the good leave our premises.

          There is no single answer to this question. Import duties vary widely among countries and are dependent on the type of good being imported. Most countries conform to the international Harmonized System (HS) codes that categorize almost all commercial trade goods.

          Harmonized System (HS) codes are part of a numbering classification system for most commercial trade goods. When exporting goods, the correct HS code(s) must be declared on the export declaration documents. Catalogues exist which list the latest code numbers for all trade goods and should be referred to for the most accurate information. Failure to report the correct HS code number can result in serious financial and criminal penalties to the importer.

          No, our deliveries are not insured.

          No. We are not a design service, however, we can assist by reviewing your design to ensure that it can be manufactured. We will do a design for manufacturing review of your drawing and offer advice about areas that need to be modified to produce the best results. This design for manufacturing service occurs once the order is placed with us.

          In most cases, we respond within 24 hours of an RFQ once all relevant information has been submitted. However, there may be situations when we must source material from an external supply and therefore the quotation may be delayed accordingly.

          Technical Questions

          CNC tolerances of prototypes are +/- 0.12 mm per 100 mm and +/- 0.2 mm per 100 mm for vacuum casting. We can achieve much lower tolerances depending on the geometry, material and process.

          You decision to injection mold the part will be influenced by the geometry of the part, the amount of parts needed, your tooling budget and the application the part is being used for

          This depends on the complexity of the design and the process used. Generally we can complete CNC projects in 3-5 days (although we have done many projects in 1 day!). Vacuum casting projects take roughly 7-10 days. Shipping time takes 2-3 days including the weekend so if sent on the Friday your parts will arrive on the Monday.

          Yes, we can do custom paint work on your supplied parts, if they fit into our paint room.

          Most material is application specific. If you do not have a material selected for your application, we will gladly assist and offer you some guidance. Often several resins can be sampled but the customer will have final approval before proceeding.

          We will evaluate your part design and modify it to be efficiently injection molded. Once the design has been approved then we will build the mold for the part. Next, your mold will be put into an injection molding press to make production parts. The entire process takes approximately 8-10 weeks.