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For well over a century, the automotive industry has been at the forefront of technological progress. Automotive engineers and companies have invested heavily in new technologies in a bid to make their products more efficient, safer, and more affordable. It should come as no surprise then that they have become one of the biggest automotive injection molding companies are constantly having to reassess and improve their services so that they can keep up with demand. Read More

RP Group Leading All Automotive Injection Molding Companies

As a business, we have spent the last 10 years improving the efficiency and affordability of rapid prototyping in the automotive industry. We have fundamentally understood the importance of investment in not only equipment but in research and training as well as facilities too. The result of our endeavors has been a rewarding experience of working with all kinds of automotive engineers, each of whom has recognized the affordability, durability, and high quality of our creations.

Why Choose RP Group For Interior Automotive Rapid Prototyping?

Our business has been steadily growing since we began in 2012. Starting out with only two employees in a small space, we built up traction, and 11,000 customers later, our operation has grown to include two factories, over 130 employees, and facilities that can generate around 6000 prototypes and 300 molds a year! We can now work on a 24-hour schedule, which means wherever you are in the world, we are always working to meet your rapid prototyping automotive requirements!

Affordable Rapid Tooling in China For The Automotive Industry

When it comes to rapid tooling in China for the automotive industry, you will find few that have the same commitment to quality and durability as us. We recognized early on that the automotive industry is vast, and every customer we have is different and has different requirements. That is why one of the things that we have prized above all is our ability to adapt facilities to different clients. Benefits you may expect can include:

  • High or low volume production. Whether you want to create a prototype for a presentation or a test, or you want a genuine, high-quality product that you can install in your and design, we can accommodate you. We specialize in low volume builds but can also offer you our ISO and IATF certified supplies so that we can create quality production parts for your design.
  • Automotive program launch. We also specialize in large-scale program launches, which can generate up to more than 125 parts which can include stamping, molding, checking, and assembly.
  • Functional prototyping. We can create functional protypes that can either use the production materials or equivalents for engineering testing and validation. We can also produce production representative appearance models.

Other various services we offer include:

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Whether you need something small and intricate printed or you require automotive interior trim manufacturers for something luxurious, we are the place to call. We can offer you a competitive price and great quality regardless of the size of your order – there is no minimum and no maximum!

To get started, just request a quote now by sending us your designs, your quantity requirements, your material and process requirements, or any other notes or questions you might like to send us. Once we’ve collected all the information, we need we can send you a quote with the best price possible! Then give us to go ahead we can then start on your 3D printer design! We’ll look forward to hearing from you! Read Less

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3D Printing

Great for 1 off prototypes for the purpose of proving your design. There are some limitations with material selection although high detail and complexity can be acheived with the quickest lead time.

CNC Machining

CNC machining uses real production representative material rather than simulant material used by alternate prototyping methods. High precision and repeatability can be achieved with fast lead times.

Vacuum Casting

Vacuum Casting using silicone molds are perfect for short run production and is a lower cost method of producing higher prototype volumes. In-molded textures and colors, over-molding of rubber simulants. RoHS certified materials.

Sheet Metal

RP has the ability to produce prototype and low volume stamped parts with very fast lead times. The blanks are usually produced via CNC or laser cutting to reduce the lead time.

Injection Molding

When the correct grade of plastic or a low volume build is required, prototype injection molding is ideal. We can produce a low-cost mold in as fast as 4 days!

Functional Prototyping

We are able to produce fully functional working electronic prototypes. Contact us about your project.

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Process Suitability Vs Price

Process 1 to 10 parts 10 to 100 parts 100 to 10k parts
SLA Good poor poor
SLS Good Poor Poor
CNC Excellent Good Fair
Vacuum Casting Good Good Poor
Injection Molding Poor Good Excellent
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Check out our portfolioof past projects

Cross bow arrow – Vacuum cast and CNC machined
Aluminium and ABS housing – CNC machined
Bottle prototype – CNC machined
Bottle prototype – CNC machined
Truck parts – CNC machined
Truck parts – CNC machined
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Our factories run 24 hours, 6 days per week (7 days when needed). Schedule a meeting today in your time zone.

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Free DFM

Don’t wait until you are ready to start production to find out your design cannot be manufactured. Problems can be identified early in the product development process with RP’s DFM (Design for Manufacture) analysis. This can not only save time it will also save money.

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