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As the technology has become more widely available, rapid prototyping services like ours have had to create more effective and affordable solutions without undermining the quality. As we’ve built a reputation as one of the most enterprising rapid prototyping companies in the world, we’ve developed our service by investing heavily in our equipment, workforce, and facilities which have streamlined the work of prototyping for all our clients. Read More

Efficient, Cost-Effective, Rapid Prototyping Services

Whether it’s for an electronics company, consumer goods, automotive components, or medical technology, any new design project benefits greatly from the ability to prototype quickly and accurately. Many of these industries count on well-researched design is often constrained by budgetary issues and time, which, unfortunately, can sometimes mean an ineffective prototyping phase. However, over the past decade, the capacity to prototype effectively has skyrocketed.

Round the Clock Rapid Prototyping in China

As one of the few Western-owned rapid prototyping services in China, we have combined modern technology and business practices with Chinese efficiency to bring not only affordability and time-saving processes to the table but a commitment to ease of use unlike any other. Since 2012, we’ve helped over 11,000 clients realize their projects, whether small or large. As we continuously improved our service, we have come to an average of around 6000 prototypes and 300 molds a year. From our humble beginnings when there were only two employees, we now have more than 130 full-time workers in two factories. This means that our work can continue night and day, allowing for 24-hour operation and super-quick turnarounds when it comes to rapid prototyping and manufacturing products.

Why Choose RP Group Rapid Prototyping?

Amongst the various services we offer to those seeking rapid prototyping in China, we include:

  • Intellectual property protection. We know that for creators, their designs are treasures that must be secured at all costs. We take private data and security very seriously, offering end-to-end encryption, and, unlike other China prototyping manufacturing companies, have invested in an ISO/IEC 27001:2005 information management system to keep your designs secure.
  • Native English-speaking project managers. Many of our customers are English speaking, and given the nature of our work, communication can be paramount, which is why our project managers have the highest level of English and technical English language.
  • Internationally recognized quality and service. Since our inception, we’ve continuously striven for the best service and best quality outcomes and are pleased to say this has resulted in the esteemed international IATF 16949 certificate.

Other various services we offer include:

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We’re always ready to take on new clients, regardless of why you may need a China prototype manufacturing company. Getting started couldn’t be simpler. Just request a quote with a few details about your project, including any 3D files you would like to use for your project, the quantity you require, materials or finishes you might need, and any other important criteria you think are relevant. We’ll get back to you ASAP with a quote, and you can rest assured that your project is with the most distinguished rapid prototyping manufacturers in China! Read Less

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What We Do

At RP we are continuously adding and upgrading processes to make it faster and easier to get your product to market. Contact us today to get an update on our services.

Rapid Prototyping

RP specialises in both fit and functional prototypes to production representative parts suitable for sales and marketing samples. The advantage of working with us is that you can get early feedback on your design for manufacturing to save time and costs.

Low Volume Production

We have multiple low volume production options available depending on your design and cost requirements. RP specialise in low volume builds for the automotive and medical industries.

High Volume Production

RP is a certified ISO 9001:2008 and IATF 16949 supplier so we have all the processes in place to ensure the reliability of supply of quality production parts.

IP Protection

At RP we take your intellectual property very seriously. We are the only prototyping company in China to invest in ISO/IEC 27001:2005 which is an information management system to protect your IP. Send us your NDA to get started.

Automotive Program Launch

RP specialise in large automotive program launches ranging up to 125+ parts including stamping, hardware, sub-assembly, injection molding and check fixtures and gauges. We can provide full PPAP and are IMDS registered.

Project Management

If you work with us, your projects will be managed by native English speaking engineers and not translators. This can be important to ensure ease of communication and that all your requirements are met. Call us to discuss your project today!

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RP’s mission is to make it easier and faster for customers to manufacture their product from prototyping to production. Australian-owned and managed, RP have factories based in Southern China and deliver to USA, Australasia and Europe.

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Cross bow arrow – Vacuum cast and CNC machined
Aluminium and ABS housing – CNC machined
Bottle prototype – CNC machined
Bottle prototype – CNC machined
Truck parts – CNC machined
Truck parts – CNC machined
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We work with many large industrial design agencies, prototyping bureaus, medical equipment companies, automotive Tier 1 and OEM companies.