Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturing Services in China

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The ability to generate good-quality plastic components can mean the difference between success and failure in all kinds of industries. Whether it is for fittings for an automobile, hygienic and robust medical instruments, or a beautifully designed piece of kitchenware for the consumer, all businesses should seek a plastic injection molding service that prizes efficiency, affordability, and above all, adaptability when putting together a product. Read More

Why Choose RP GROUP For Your Injection Molding Services

Over the last decade, we have seen this technology get better and better, and the equipment has become more affordable. Sometimes this has resulted in the emergence of injection molding services where the company only think of making a quick profit. We have always prized quality and a ‘customer first’ attitude in our business, so when you order any kind of polymer-based component from us, whether in small or great quantities, you know you will be receiving something that will last and keep your own customers as happy as we keep you!

Versatile Plastic Injection Molding Service for Every Industry

Since 2012, we’ve been one of the foremost injection molding companies in China and one of few that has been western backed. Over the years, we amassed a staggering 11,000 customers and have grown from a small operation of two employees to over 130. That has meant we could extend our service to an operation that works 24 hours a day, and we have the capability to produce 6000 prototypes and 300 molds a year!

This commitment to excellent customer service and industrial flexibility has meant that we have been used by all manner of industries:

  • Electrical systems. Given the intricate and delicate parts required in the assembly of electrical components and internal circuitry, it is hardly a surprise that our process has been trusted by electrical companies around the world.
  • Consumer goods. Over the years, we have worked with a large number of consumer goods producers to create containers, recreational goods, and items for use in food hygiene.
  • Medical applications. The field of medical items is ever-expanding, and there are always new ways in which mouldings can be applied, whether it is hygienic instruments, prosthetics, or hospital equipment.
  • Automotive parts. Of all the areas where plastic mold part manufacturers are making advances, the automotive industry has probably seen the most progress. From interiors and fittings to small, intricate components needed to keep modern vehicles functioning at their best, there are ever more ways in which we can revolutionise automotive engineering.

Other various services we offer include:

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Finally, one of the most popular aspects of our business is its scalability. We are just as happy to generate one-off prototypes as we are when we create mass production for our many international clients. Whatever your industry and whatever application you have for our service, we would like to hear from you today! Either contact us now with an inquiry or apply for a free quote, citing your business type, sending us 3D files you might want us to take a look at, an idea of your quantity, the materials, and finishes you might want for anything else you think might be relevant.

Soon enough, we’ll be in contact with a competitive price and a rundown of what we can do next to accommodate your injection molding requirements! Try it out now! Read Less

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3D Printing

Great for 1 off prototypes for the purpose of proving your design. There are some limitations with material selection although high detail and complexity can be acheived with the quickest lead time.

CNC Machining

CNC machining uses real production representative material rather than simulant material used by alternate prototyping methods. High precision and repeatability can be achieved with fast lead times.

Vacuum Casting

Vacuum Casting using silicone molds are perfect for short run production and is a lower cost method of producing higher prototype volumes. In-molded textures and colors, over-molding of rubber simulants. RoHS certified materials.

Sheet Metal

RP has the ability to produce prototype and low volume stamped parts with very fast lead times. The blanks are usually produced via CNC or laser cutting to reduce the lead time.

Injection Molding

When the correct grade of plastic or a low volume build is required, prototype injection molding is ideal. We can produce a low-cost mold in as fast as 4 days!

Functional Prototyping

We are able to produce fully functional working electronic prototypes. Contact us about your project.

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Process Suitability Vs Price

Process 1 to 10 parts 10 to 100 parts 100 to 10k parts
SLA Good poor poor
SLS Good Poor Poor
CNC Excellent Good Fair
Vacuum Casting Good Good Poor
Injection Molding Poor Good Excellent
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Check out our portfolioof past projects

Cross bow arrow – Vacuum cast and CNC machined
Aluminium and ABS housing – CNC machined
Bottle prototype – CNC machined
Bottle prototype – CNC machined
Truck parts – CNC machined
Truck parts – CNC machined
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Our factories run 24 hours, 6 days per week (7 days when needed). Schedule a meeting today in your time zone.

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Free DFM

Don’t wait until you are ready to start production to find out your design cannot be manufactured. Problems can be identified early in the product development process with RP’s DFM (Design for Manufacture) analysis. This can not only save time it will also save money.

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