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Of all the technologies to have emerged in this digital age, the applications of a 3D printing prototype service are perhaps some of the most exciting. Many members of the public may not have realized how quickly this technology has advanced, nor that there are now so many different types of material that can be used when generating prototypes. In fact, so flexible and effective has the 3D printing industry become that it is difficult to imagine any sector that cannot make use of it in some way. Read More

Rapid 3D Printing Prototype Technology for Your Business

We’ve been fortunate enough to have seen this technology grow and have helped many companies and individuals work with it to produce high-quality and robust 3D printed materials. As a business, we’ve invested heavily in premium equipment, top-notch training for staff, and well-grounded research to offer a leading 3D print service in China. As you will see, such an investment has paid off not just for us but for our many thousands of customers too!

Why Choose RP Group 3D Printing Prototype Services?

We’ve been the only Western-backed 3D print service in China since 2012. Back then, there were only two employees working out of a small space. All these years later, that operation has expanded to two factories with over 130 staff, all working around the clock 24 hours a day so that people like you can receive 3D printed items and record times. It has meant that we’ve been able to fulfill the needs of over 11,000 customers over the years, averaging around 6000 prototypes and 300 molds a year!

One of the most important assets of the 3D printing prototype service is its flexibility. Our facilities have developed over the years to accommodate an enormous amount of adaptability, making us supremely useful for many industries, including:

  • Automotive industry. 3D printing has had a massive impact on this industry, and we’ve been involved in the creation of prototypes for interior parts and important structural parts too.
  • Consumer goods. These have ranged from cosmetic containers, food hygiene products, storage solutions, and many more examples of high-quality, durable consumer items, all of which can be printed in great quantities in a very short time.
  • Medical device prototyping. Perhaps one of our most vital applications is our ability to create desktop medical equipment and handheld devices. We are very proud of the fact that we have been involved in this vital industry and are always ready to help healthcare professionals acquire the tools they need to do their job!

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We have just added 3D printing rapid prototyping services for parts in the US and deliver direct through a partner/supplier with online instant quoting. They flexible enough for application in almost any industry you can think of. Not only that, but we’re happy to generate not just bulk items in large quantities, but the smaller jobs too, so even if you only want one item printed, you will be treated just the same quality service as those ordering thousands of the same thing! Other various services we offer include:

And now you need only request a quote! Send us your 3D files and your quantity, material, or process needs, and will get working on your 3D printed design straight away! Don’t delay! Read Less

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3D Printing

Great for 1 off prototypes for the purpose of proving your design. There are some limitations with material selection although high detail and complexity can be acheived with the quickest lead time.

CNC Machining

CNC machining uses real production representative material rather than simulant material used by alternate prototyping methods. High precision and repeatability can be achieved with fast lead times.

Vacuum Casting

Vacuum Casting using silicone molds are perfect for short run production and is a lower cost method of producing higher prototype volumes. In-molded textures and colors, over-molding of rubber simulants. RoHS certified materials.

Sheet Metal

RP has the ability to produce prototype and low volume stamped parts with very fast lead times. The blanks are usually produced via CNC or laser cutting to reduce the lead time.

Injection Molding

When the correct grade of plastic or a low volume build is required, prototype injection molding is ideal. We can produce a low-cost mold in as fast as 4 days!

Functional Prototyping

We are able to produce fully functional working electronic prototypes. Contact us about your project.

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Process Suitability Vs Price

Process 1 to 10 parts 10 to 100 parts 100 to 10k parts
SLA Good poor poor
SLS Good Poor Poor
CNC Excellent Good Fair
Vacuum Casting Good Good Poor
Injection Molding Poor Good Excellent
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Check out our portfolioof past projects

Cross bow arrow – Vacuum cast and CNC machined
Aluminium and ABS housing – CNC machined
Bottle prototype – CNC machined
Bottle prototype – CNC machined
Truck parts – CNC machined
Truck parts – CNC machined
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Don’t wait until you are ready to start production to find out your design cannot be manufactured. Problems can be identified early in the product development process with RP’s DFM (Design for Manufacture) analysis. This can not only save time it will also save money.

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